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22 November 2017

What to submit to the new agents at Curtis Brown and C+W

by Jack Hadley From the Agents

You might think you already know who all the literary agents at Curtis Brown and C+W are, but as the students of our three- and six-month creative writing courses quickly discover, there’s another really important bunch of people you might not know about: the book assistants and new agents. Much of their work with writers happens behind […]

05 October 2017

Karolina Sutton: ‘I’m looking for offbeat books I can bring into the mainstream’

by Rufus Purdy From the Agents

A literary agent at Curtis Brown, Karolina Sutton (above) represents a wide range of novelists – from Margaret Atwood and Haruki Murakami to Emma Healey, Harriet Lane and former Curtis Brown Creative student Tim Glencross. She is a regular visitor to our courses and will be visiting students on our London writing courses on 9 […]

21 September 2017

Reviewing the first draft: how to read your own novel

by Anna Davis From the Agents, Our Courses, Writing Tips

In the excitement of typing ‘The End’ on your completed first draft, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re all set to start sending your work out to literary agents (many students on our creative writing courses have fallen into this trap). But I would always recommend you go the extra mile (or indeed the […]

15 September 2017

How to make your YA or children’s writing submission stand out

by Jack Hadley From the Agents

The children’s writing and YA writing market is a particularly tough one, with trends often hard to spot and audiences shifting regularly. As we get ready for our next round of children’s writing courses, we talk to someone who knows a bit about how to make a submission stand out in this crowded market: Isobel […]

29 June 2017

How to write a novel: tips from Jonny Geller

by Jack Hadley From the Agents, Writing Tips

Top literary agent and joint CEO of Curtis Brown Jonny Geller recently posted up a Twitter ‘thread’ with some tips on how to write a novel for new writers. We’re sharing them on the blog for your leisure. Jonny’s post certainly created a stir on social media, with lots of budding novelists and students on our creative […]

08 May 2017

Video interview: author Tammy Cohen and literary agent Felicity Blunt

by Rufus Purdy Author Interviews, From the Agents

One of the perks of working at Curtis Brown Creative is getting to meet all the fabulous authors who come in with their literary agents to speak to students on our creative writing courses. Recently, the bestselling novelist Tammy Cohen came in with her Curtis Brown agent Felicity Blunt to speak to students on one […]

02 May 2017

Literary agent Alice Lutyens: ‘tell me why I might like your book’

by Jack Hadley From the Agents

The close involvement of the literary agents at Curtis Brown and C+W are what makes our creative writing courses unique. Whether the agents are taking part in lively visiting speaker sessions on our London writing courses, or becoming honorary members of our online writing courses during Q&A sessions, they are always keen to share their breadth of […]

08 March 2017

‘Every author must be able to sum up their book in a couple of sentences’

by Jack Hadley From the Agents

The literary agents at Curtis Brown and C+W are a huge part of our creative writing courses. They come in as guest speakers to our London writing courses, bringing a top author or publisher with them, and go online for special Q&A days with our students from all over the world. This week we caught […]

03 March 2017

Does your protagonist have to be likeable?

by Anna Davis From the Agents, Opinion, Writing Tips

A question I’m often asked by students on our creative writing courses is, “Does my central character have to be likeable?” The honest answer is, it depends on how you’re constructing your novel and how reader-sympathies need to work with it. Let me explain … If you need the reader firmly on-side with your central […]

25 January 2017

Our favourite children’s and Young Adult books

by Jack Hadley From the Agents, Our Courses

As applications for our spring creative writing courses come in, it’s always good for us to have a sense of what the agents at Curtis Brown and C+W are reading and getting excited about. We at Curtis Brown Creative would love to help nurture the next generation of great children’s writers, and with applications for the […]

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