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25 October 2017

The scariest fictional characters

by Jack Hadley Opinion,

What better time than to celebrate our favourite scariest fictional characters? It’s almost Halloween: a time to revel in the ghoulish and the macabre. The obligatory Halloween reading list has become as essential to the holiday as cheap plastic witches’ hats and toothache. While we covered some of our favourite scary books last Halloween on […]

04 October 2017

Creative writing workshops: what you need to know

by Anna Davis Opinion, Our Courses, Writing Tips

Writing workshops have been at the heart of creative writing courses since the dawn of time itself – and are a major feature of our online writing courses and our London writing courses. For the benefit of the uninitiated, this is where writers get comment on extracts from their novels-in-progress (or indeed on short stories […]

07 September 2017

Are booktubers the future of reviewing?

by Jack Hadley Opinion

There was an interesting piece in The Times last week discussing the recent and intriguing phenomenon of the so called ‘booktubers’. It is, unfortunately, behind a paywall, so unless you’re a subscriber you won’t be able to access it. To summarise – it profiles a few prominent video bloggers whose focus is not on delivering make-up tips, or lengthy […]

10 August 2017

Do writing courses help in getting published?

by Laura Marshall From Our Students, Guest Blog, Opinion, Student Successes

Laura Marshall, who studied on one of our London writing courses in 2015, has just had her debut novel Friend Request published by Little, Brown. Here, in a piece that originally appeared on her own author blog, she talks about how her time with CBC helped her, and asks whether such creative writing courses can […]

12 July 2017

Are all book reviews valid?

by Alex Gerlis Guest Blog, Opinion

Spy fiction writer Alex Gerlis, author of Vienna Spies and two other espionage novels, on why book reviews posted on public sites should be treated with caution. Literary agent and Curtis Brown joint-CEO Jonny Geller recently posted some sound advice for authors on this very blog, a handy list of dos and don’ts including ‘do […]

17 May 2017

More writing and publishing advice from Anna Davis

by Jack Hadley Opinion, Writing Tips

Curtis Brown Creative MD Anna Davis recently answered some of our students’ most burning questions on the publishing industry. We’ve picked out some of the best to share with you here.   Q: It seems essential to identify a genre for one’s novel. Have you got any advice on how to identify it when your novel has elements […]

17 May 2017

Curtis Brown Creative meets… book blogger CrimeBookJunkie

by Noelle Holten Guest Blog, Opinion

Many of our students want to know how to write crime fiction and, indeed, several of those who’ve taken our creative writing courses have gone on to secure book deals for their fabulous crime novels – step forward Jane Harper, Alice Clark-Platts, Jake Woodhouse, Caz Frear and Alex Clare. Underpinning this perennially popular genre, and […]

03 March 2017

Does your protagonist have to be likeable?

by Anna Davis From the Agents, Opinion, Writing Tips

A question I’m often asked by students on our creative writing courses is, “Does my central character have to be likeable?” The honest answer is, it depends on how you’re constructing your novel and how reader-sympathies need to work with it. Let me explain … If you need the reader firmly on-side with your central […]

13 January 2017

How to create suspense in your novel

by Anna Davis From the Agents, Opinion, Writing Tips

Lots of students on our creative writing courses are working on psychological suspense novels – one of the biggest-selling genres at the moment. We associate suspenseful writing with other genres too, particularly crime fiction, action thrillers, horror and supernatural novels. But actually lots of other sorts of novels make use of suspense: when a young […]

05 January 2017

Q&A: John Williams, crime fiction reviewer at the Mail on Sunday

by Jack Hadley Author Interviews, Opinion

For all writers, the possibility of one day having their novels reviewed in a national newspaper or magazine is a thrilling prospect. We thought it would be useful to get to know a little more about the process behind book reviewing itself, so we got in touch with Mail on Sunday crime fiction reviewer John Williams […]

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