HW Fisher Scholarship

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Since 2015, chartered accountancy firm HW Fisher have partnered with Curtis Brown Creative to provide a writing bursary for our novel writing course in London.

HW Fisher & Company is a UK Top 25 Chartered Accountancy offering accountancy, audit and bookkeeping services to small to medium sized firms and individuals. Their specialist media team has been acting for published authors for a number of years (several of whom are clients of Curtis Brown and C+W). They fully understand the complexities of an author’s financial arrangements.  One of the main challenges for people in the creative industry is that their income is irregular; certain projects take longer than others to come to fruition. This pattern presents important challenges and opportunities for tax planning. HW Fisher & Company has extensive experience of the relevant tax legislation and can initiate timely and effective procedures to minimise writers’ tax liabilities.

Curtis Brown Creative runs two three-month novel writing courses in London a year, one from April, and the other from November. The HW Fisher Scholarship funds one place on each of these three-month courses for applicants of limited financial means.

Applications to the scholarship are currently closed and will be opened again in 2018.