Twenty-seven of our students now have major book deals. Here’s what they, and others, have to say about us.

Curtis Brown-1110

Jessie Burton

‘Curtis Brown Creative is world-class. I will always be grateful for my place on the course.’

Bestselling and award winning debut novel The Miniaturist published by Picador, July 2014, winner of National Book Awards Overall Book of the Year 2014 among other awards. Second novel The Muse published by Picador, June 2016.

Janet Ellis at Lyric theatre, Hammersmith   26.5.09

Janet Ellis

‘The course really helped me to put everything together. Writing into a void is lonely and a little scary- getting reactions (of any sort) really shaped and focused what I was doing. The support of the group and the experience, professionalism and encouragement of the tutors was a fantastic combination and prepared me brilliantly for the next stage.’
Debut novel The Butcher’s Hook published by Two Roads in February 2016. Longlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize 2016.


Tim Glencross

‘The CBC Novel-Writing course was invaluable. The tutors were brilliant, and it was through Curtis Brown Creative that I found representation at Curtis Brown and now a publishing deal.’
Debut novel Barbarians published by John Murray, May 2014; shortlisted for the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Best First Novel Award 2014, as well as for the Paddy Power Best Political Fiction Book of the Year 2015. His second novel, Hofferwill be published by John Murray in Spring 2017.



Kate Hamer

‘Workshopping the novel on the CBC course with people who were interested in the same things as me and took the writing process very seriously was invaluable. They would ask questions about characters’ motivations and query anything they weren’t clear about; and having that outside view coming in to what you’d done quite privately until then was just amazing.’
Debut novel The Girl in the Red Coat published by Faber & Faber February 2015. Shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Award.

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Catherine Chanter

‘Even stepping into the lift at the Curtis Brown offices for the first time gave me a wake-up call. This is a business: there are editors, publicity people, lawyers, agents, media rights… I hoped the Curtis Brown Creative course would empower me to come out as a writer who actually wanted readers. And it did. One hundred per cent.’
Debut novel The Well published by Canongate, March 2015.


James Hannah

‘Thanks so much for your advice and encouragement; I doubt I’d have secured an agent for my finished novel if I hadn’t attended the Curtis Brown Creative course. More specifically, it seems that the quality of my pitch swung it for me, so tell that to the next crop!’
Debut novel The A to Z of You and Me published by Black Swan, March 2015. Longlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize 2015.


SD Sykes

‘“My novel just wouldn’t have happened without attending the Curtis Brown Creative novel-writing course. The teaching not only improved my skills as a writer, but also taught me about the business of writing and publishing.”’
Debut novel Plague Land and sequel The Butcher Bird published by Hodder & Stoughton, September 2014 and October 2015.



Antonia Honeywell

‘For me, the Curtis Brown Creative course provided an invaluable opportunity to work with talented, motivated writers in an atmosphere of aspiration and support.’
Debut novel The Ship published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, February 2015.


Nicholas Searle

‘The tuition I thought was excellent – a big shout here for Chris Wakling – and focused on writing a real book that might even get published in the real world.’
Debut novel The Good Liar published by Viking, February 2016.


Alice Clark-Platts

‘I have loved doing this course. I have gained a great deal from it, made some friends and been shored up in confidence as regards my writing.’
Debut novel Bitter Fruits published by Penguin, January 2015. Sequel due to be published 2016.


Annabelle Thorpe

‘I’m one of those people who never wanted to do a creative writing course.  You can’t teach it, or so I thought. How wrong was I?  Everything I learnt – from the tutorials to the author’s talks to the fourteen amazing writers I shared the course with – made me a different class of writer.  A huge THANK YOU to Curtis Brown Creative.’
Debut novel The People We Were Before published by Quercus, April 2016.


Lisa Williamson

‘I’ll be forever indebted to Curtis Brown Creative for giving me a much-needed boost of confidence exactly when I needed it most, and for gently pointing out that I might be suited to writing for young adults. Lightbulb moment! I now can’t imagine writing for anyone else.’
Bestselling novel The Art of Being Normal published by David Fickling books, January 2015; shortlisted for the YA Book Prize and nominated for a Carnegie Medal, among other awards.


Stephanie Wahlstrom

‘The tutors really knew their stuff and I was introduced to “plot”, which I thought I knew about but totally didn’t. The course allowed me to get feedback on my work from a wide range of people as well as a realistic view of the publishing industry.’
Debut novel The Accidental Socialite and sequel The Accidental New Yorker published by Piatkus, December 2013 and February 2015.


Jon Teckman

‘I had such massively high expectations of this course when I arrived that it would have been hard to live up to them all, but the way the programme was designed and delivered absolutely met and exceeded my unreasonable aims. It was interesting, informative, challenging and fun – and I loved every minute.’
Debut novel Ordinary Joe published by HarperCollins, July 2015


Maria Grace

‘Anna particularly helped me. She really helped me to be objective with the story and structure everything to make the plot more dramatic for the reader. The students who were on the inaugural course with me that summer were an amazing bunch of people. Not only did they really help me with all the workshopping and genuinely constructive feedback, but they made my time with CBC unforgettable.’
Debut novel White Petals published by Firefly Press, June 2015



Jane Harper

‘If it hadn’t been for the CBC course, this book would not have been written, simple as that. It was such a turning point for me, not just in all the fantastic lessons and feedback, but also in motivation and actually realising for the first time that I could finish a novel. I will be singing the praises this course for the rest of my life, and I’m so grateful for having the chance to be part of it.’
Debut novel The Dry to be published by Little, Brown in early 2017


Hannah McKinnon

‘The CBC course was nothing short of fabulous. My classmates were incredibly talented both in their writing and at critiquing submitted pieces, and I still refer to the materials our brilliant tutor, Chris Wakling, shared. The course had a profound effect on both my writing and confidence, and it confirmed I want to continue making up stories for as long as I can. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity.’
Debut novel Time After Time published by Maze Books, June 2016.

Our other published authors

Jenny Quintana

Jenny Quintana

Curtis Brown Creative helped and challenged me in so many ways. From propelling me from my desk to travel to London every week, to gaining the insight of Erin and Anna, to receiving great feedback from my fellow students and meeting professionals from the industry. Not least, it was through the course I found representation at Conville & Walsh and then a publishing deal.

Debut novel When Birds Forget to Sing to be published by Mantle, Macmillan in 2018.

David Barbaree

David Barbaree

There is so much I enjoyed on the course. The quality of instruction, invaluable feedback from my peers, insight into how the mysterious world of publishing works. More than anything, I appreciated the confidence it gave me to keep writing and finish my book. I will always be indebted to CBC and my classmates for this.
Debut novel The Deposed to be published by Bonnier Zaffre in spring 2017.

Jake Woodhouse
Jake Woodhouse

Jake Woodhouse


Debut novel After the Silence published by Penguin in July 2015.

Catherine Bennetto
cath b

Catherine Bennetto

Not only did we get this constant feedback but the weekly tutorials from our fabulous and supportive tutor, Chris Wakling, taught me vast amounts. The course was vital to completing my novel. I’m constantly recommending CBC to friends. Sign up! Get on with it! You won’t regret it one bit.
Debut novel How Not to Fall in Love, Actually is available now as an e-book, and will be published in paperback  by Simon & Schuster in January 2017.

Alex Clare

Alex Clare

I applied for the Curtis Brown course because I had a story and wanted to make sure I did it justice. Chris Wakling was a great tutor and the the online delivery made it easy to fit around commuting. The best bit? Having shared the experience, a group of us are still in touch, providing amazing support, critique and encouragement, which has helped me get from a work in progress to publication.
Debut novel He’s Gone published by Impress, August 2016.

Laura Marshall
Laura Marshall

Laura Marshall

The teaching and feedback I got on the CBC course from our amazing tutor Erin Kelly, as well as from Anna Davis and my fellow students, enabled me to look at my own writing with a critical eye, and to understand what was wrong with it, and how to make it better. It also gave me the confidence I needed to keep going, as well as an invaluable insight into the publishing industry. I would never have finished my novel, let alone be looking forward to publication in 2017, if I hadn’t done the course.

Debut novel Friend Request to be published by Little, Brown in summer 2017.

Clarissa Goenawan
Clarissa Bw 2 - cropped

Clarissa Goenawan

The course was invaluable in helping me improve my writing skills. Anna and Chris were knowledgeable, generous, and inspiring. My classmates were incredibly supportive. I’m forever thankful for the opportunity to study with CBC.

Debut novel Rainbirds will be published by Soho Press in 2018.

Caroline Beecham
c. beecham

Caroline Beecham

‘As an agent-based course it gave a valuable insight into the UK publishing industry and plenty of tools to work with to continue developing and practicing the craft. The structure of the on-line course worked really well with a good balance of tutorial, workshopping and homework so that we were able to gain a real depth as well as breadth of knowledge in key areas. A great opportunity to meet other aspiring novelists to share fun and frustrations with too!’ Debut novel Maggie’s Kitchen will be published in the UK on 27 July 2017.


‘Excellent starter course providing a platform where writers can share ideas and offer feedback and advice to each other. Brilliant way to improve your opening if you are just starting out and need guidance relating to character, point of view and narrative voice. Reasonably priced and offered by a top London literary agency. What more could you ask for?’

Ceri Beynon
Six Week Starting To Write Your Novel Course, Spring 2016

‘It’s taken me 12 years and six months to write my novel: 12 years of aimless drifting and six months of focused, relevant guidance on the CBC course. Before the course, even saying the words “I’m writing a novel” was a painful experience. Now I have the confidence to say writing is and always will be a part of my life.’

Eleanor Maxfield
Six-Month Novel-Writing Course Autumn 2013

‘A lively, dynamic course which establishes trust and positive expectations. The forum encourages critical evaluation in a safe, yet lively space. Excellent value; felt like a treat to me!’

Janet Lewison
Six Week Starting To Write Your Novel Course, Spring 2016

‘The course was a fantastic experience and has given me the skills, confidence and focus to finish the first draft of my novel. The group workshops and one-to-one workshops were invaluable, as was the interaction with the group , which continues to be a helpful source of support.’

Charlotte Northedge
Three-Month London Novel-Writing Course Autumn 2015

‘Curtis Brown Creative’s online novel-writing course is first class. Working with other students on my novel online in workshops was an immense help. All the writers were carefully selected, all were of a high standard. The agent input was very good, with vital publishing industry suggestions and advice. Nikita Lalwani is warm, challenging, accurate and constructive, a terrific tutor. When I come to submit my work, I’ll do so now with more confidence, knowledge and skill.’

Derek Routledge
Three-Month Online Novel-Writing Course Summer 2015

‘The course has helped me enormously in all areas of my writing – my motivation, my confidence and willingness to try new things with my novel have all improved! It was also a fantastic social experience and I have left with a lot of new friends.’

Megan Hodson
Six-Month Novel-Writing London Course Spring 2015

‘The course breathed new life into the work, as well as into me as a writer, into that space inside of us that can get clogged with doubt and angst and sometimes just needs a little bit of kindness and encouragement to wash it away.’

Lisa Duffy
Three-Month Online Novel-Writing Course Spring 2015

‘When you take part in it you realise you’re getting the best teaching, the best advice, a name you can trust, an insight into the industry and a group of like-minded students. In other words, it is very good value.’

Ian Brooks
Three-Month Online Writing for Children, Spring 2015

‘The tutorials and advice were brilliant as was getting feedback from the group and having the opportunity to Q&A with agents and industry insiders. The knowledge that there will be an opportunity for a submission to be fully considered by an agent a later point is an incredible piece of added on value.’

Shaun Stevenson
Three-Month Online Writing for Children Spring 2015