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21 February 2019

Author Nikki Smith and agent Sophie Lambert on the importance of trust & ambition

by Katie Smart Author Interviews, From Our Students, From the Agents

Nikki Smith took not one but three Curtis Brown Creative writing courses back in 2017, starting with two of our 6-week online courses before applying to and then securing a place on our 3-month online novel-writing course. Nikki initially ‘met’ her agent – C& W’s Sophie Lambert – during an online agent feedback session on this longer course and decided to […]

07 February 2019

HW Fisher novel-writing scholar Louise McCreesh gets a book deal

by Katie Smart Author Interviews, From Our Students

Louise McCreesh was awarded the HW Fisher Scholarship in 2016, giving her a fully-paid place on our 3-month novel-writing course in London. Her novel stood out to the CBC team for its unique narrative voice, which powerfully expressed the mental frailty and anxiety suffered by many of us – and which deployed that voice in […]

16 November 2018

Read your way into editing your novel

by Rachael Blok From Our Students, Writing Tips

Debut author Rachael Blok shares her tips for editing your novel and how reading other novels will help you with finishing your own.

12 November 2018

5 tips on writing historical fiction for younger readers

by Ann-Marie Howell From Our Students, Writing Tips

Author Anne-Marie Howell (the 50th CBC student to get a major book deal) shares her top tips on writing historical fiction for young readers.

08 November 2018

Celebrating 55 commercial publishing deals for our former students

by Katie Smart Course News, From Our Students

It was only this summer that we announced the 50th former CBC student  to gain a major publishing deal. In just a few short months we have received news of a further five exciting deals for our alumni – some of them brokered at the recent Frankfurt Book Fair – a major annual trade fair […]

26 October 2018

How to write a suspenseful scene for Halloween

by Katie Smart From Our Students, Writing Tips

Suspense isn’t purely the domain of  horror, thrillers and ghost stories – it’s something every novelist should know how to create, and should deploy at key moments of tension in their story. As All Hallows’ Eve approaches, we thought it would be a good time to share with you some creepy, suspenseful scenes written by budding novelists […]

17 October 2018

Introducing the Sarah Quinn BAME Writing scholar for YA and children’s fiction

by Katie Smart Course News, From Our Students

We are pleased to announce that Mayowa Asaju has been awarded the BAME Writing Scholarship for YA and Children’s Fiction, generously funded by former CBC student Sarah Quinn. Mayowa has joined the 3-month Writing YA and Children’s Fiction course, taught by Catherine Johnson, which started this week. We’ve been delighted by the positive response that we’ve had to the scholarship since […]

10 October 2018

Ella Dove: ‘Ask yourself, what is the overall message of this book?’

by Anna Davis Author Interviews, From Our Students

Ella Dove studied on our 3-month London-based novel-writing course, back in the Spring of 2015. She was a lively, funny, self-deprecating student – very sociable and always smiling. She was also a very talented writer, though I think she won’t mind my telling you that she hadn’t yet settled into the right novel at that […]

04 October 2018

The big structural edit – a checklist

by Angela Chadwick From Our Students, Writing Tips

Angela Chadwick was a student on our 6-month online novel-writing course in 2015. Angela’s debut novel XX was one of Sharmaine Lovegroves’ first acquisitions for the new Little, Brown imprint, Dialogue Books, and will be published in hardback and ebook today. XX follows a lesbian couple who take part in the first trial of ovum to ovum fertilisation. Here Angela […]

27 September 2018

Without my writing group, I might have gone weeks without looking at my WIP

by Christina Pishiris From Our Students

Christina Pishiris took our 3-month London-based novel-writing course back in 2012, in a cohort that included published authors Lisa Williamson, Maria Realf, James Hall and Fiona Perrin. Christina’s group have been one of our most close-knit and mutually supportive yet – and a full six years later, some of them continue to meet regularly and workshop […]

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