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16 November 2018

Read your way into editing your novel

by Rachael Blok From Our Students, Student Successes, Writing Tips

Rachael Blok took our 3-month novel-writing course in London back in 2016, and has gone on to get a publishing deal with Head of Zeus for the book she was working on with CBC: Under the Ice is just out and its publication date couldn’t be more apt: it’s an emotional crime-thriller set in the 12-day lead up to Christmas, when an […]

12 November 2018

5 tips on writing historical fiction for younger readers

by Ann-Marie Howell From Our Students, Student Successes, Writing Tips

Back in the summer we announced that Ann-Marie Howell had become the 50th former novel-writing student to get a major publishing deal. Ann-Marie was a student on our online Writing YA and Children’s Fiction course in 2015 (check out this blog about her time on the course), and her debut middle grade novel, The Garden of Found and Lost, will be published […]

02 November 2018

Laura Barnett: ‘write a novel that feels as if it couldn’t possibly have been written any other way’

by Katie Smart Author Interviews, Writing Tips

It’s always an exciting moment when we welcome a new tutor onto the CBC roster. We’ve been huge fans of Laura Barnett since her wonderful debut The Versions of Us came out in 2015, so we’re pretty chuffed to have her join the teaching team. She’s just finished a guest teaching stint on our current six-month course, […]

01 November 2018

#WriteCBC: Writing tip and writing task from Lisa O’Donnell

by Anna Davis Writing Tips

OK, people, it’s time to put away the Halloween costumes and get down to some serious writing. November is of course National Novel Writing Month – and what better way could there be to warm up than with a quick round of #WriteCBC? Today’s edition of the CBC Twitter competition comes from the fabulous Lisa […]

26 October 2018

How to write a suspenseful scene this Halloween

by Katie Smart From Our Students, Writing Tips

Suspense isn’t purely the domain of  horror, thrillers and ghost stories – it’s something every novelist should know how to create, and should deploy at key moments of tension in their story. As All Hallows’ Eve approaches, we thought it would be a good time to share with you some creepy, suspenseful scenes written by budding novelists […]

26 October 2018

How to make your writing suspenseful

by Anna Davis Writing Tips

As the days shorten and the nights get colder, our taste for breezy summer reads diminishes, and we reach for books with a little more bite. From Bram Stoker and MR James, to Stephen King and Susan Hill, scary reads have always been popular. But writing suspenseful, creepy scenes takes a lot of work. We […]

18 October 2018

Catherine Cho: ‘I’m a strong believer in the pitch letter and the synopsis’

by Katie Smart From the Agents, Writing Tips

After three years assisting Curtis Brown chairman Jonny Geller, Catherine Cho is beginning to build her own list of fiction and non-fiction writers. We caught up with Catherine to talk about her tastes, why she loves working with debut novelists, and the enduring appeal of science fiction… You started your career in publishing in New York before moving to […]

18 October 2018

3 things every writer should know about writing from life

by Nikita Lalwani Guest Blog, Writing Tips

Nikita Lalwani is the author of two acclaimed novels, Gifted and The Village, and she’s been a core member of the CBC teaching team for a number of years now, working across both our London and online courses.  When she’s teaching, Nikita is always keen to get students thinking about writing from experience. Not in a reductive ‘write what you […]

08 October 2018

Seven Tips for Writing a Children’s Picture Book

by David O'Connell Guest Blog, Writing Tips

David O’Connell is a writer and illustrator living in London, UK.  His first book was Monster & Chips, the first of a series of funny (and revolting) adventures of ‘hooman’ Joe Shoe whilst working at the Monster Diner of friendly monster Fuzzby Bixington. He then collaborated with  Sarah McIntyre on the picture book Jampires, inspired by a […]

04 October 2018

#WriteCBC: Writing tip and writing task from Alice Lutyens

by Anna Davis Events, From the Agents, Writing Tips

For this month’s #WriteCBC Twitter competition, we’re delighted to feature a writing tip and writing task from Curtis Brown’s Alice Lutyens. Alice is the literary agent with more CBC former-students on her client list than any other at this time – including Jane Harper, Kate Hamer, Catherine Bennetto and the soon-to-be-published Rachel Marks – as well as a couple more […]

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