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21 January 2019

Charlotte Cray: ‘Talent will surpass any literary trend’

by Curtis Brown 120 Curtis Brown 120, Writing Tips

Curtis Brown 120 are back with a second interview for our series of blogs to be hosted on the CBC site across the year, all to help celebrate Curtis Brown’s 120th birthday. These blogs will include exclusive interviews with authors, agents and publishers; writing tips; industry insights – and much more besides. Check out our interview from last week […]

17 January 2019

‘Fight the fear’: Five tips to get you started on your novel

by Laura Barnett Guest Blog, Writing Tips

Laura Barnett’s debut novel The Versions of Us was a Sunday Times number-one bestseller, translated into 24 languages, and shortlisted for Debut of the Year at the British Book Awards. Her follow-up, Greatest Hits was published in 2017, with an accompanying soundtrack album by the musician Kathryn Williams. Laura has taught creative writing for Guardian Masterclasses, delivered a TedX talk on originality […]

15 January 2019

Karl Newson: ‘I’m a big believer in not talking down to children in stories’

by Katie Smart Author Interviews, Writing Tips

Karl Newson is a professional children’s book writer and illustrator – and he gives editorial feedback to the students on our new children’s picture book courses. Karl is the author of A Bear is a Bear (except when he’s not), Here Comes the Sun, Fum and Little Grey’s Birthday Surprise. He’s also illustrated children’s picture books such as Superchimp by Giles Paley-Phillips […]

10 January 2019

Kick-start your writing this new year and reach your writing goals

by Katie Smart Writing Tips

There’s lots of talk about how new year is a great time to get down to your writing. But sometimes it’s more easily said than done. In fact, if you haven’t had time to look at your work-in-progress over the festive period, you might be feeling really remote from it. So how do you get […]

08 January 2019

Five steps to banishing ‘writer’s block’

by Lisa O'Donnell Opinion, Writing Tips

If you’re struggling to get your novel out of your head and onto the page, check out these great tips from Commonwealth-Book-prize-winning author Lisa O’Donnell – tutor of our next 6-month online novel-writing course, starting next month …  Writer’s block – I don’t believe in it! I believe writers are afraid to write, and that they have […]

07 January 2019

How to write the perfect pitch-letter to an agent

by Anna Davis Writing Tips

New year is the perfect time to submit your novel to agents, when they’re all just back to work, feeling fresh and hungry for new talent. But how do you write the killer pitch-letter? Here are my top 15 tips on how to make your letter stand out from the pack: 1. Write to a […]

04 January 2019

Anna Davis answers your writing and publishing questions

by Katie Smart Events, Writing Tips

It is a brand new year and we are encouraging writers to take stock of their writing habits and goals for the year (take a look at our New Year’s writing resolutions blog where our tutors and published alumni share their writing goals for 2019). If your goal for this year is to submit your novel to […]

01 January 2019

New year’s writing resolutions

by Anna Davis Events, Writing Tips

Well my goodness me, it’s new year again, which means we all have a clean slate and the chance to start afresh. For many that might mean joining the gym, dry January or perhaps arranging that long-put-off trip to the dentist … But for us writers, it’s also an important moment to set goals for […]

14 December 2018

Tips for plotting and structuring your novel

by Lesley Sanderson Student Successes, Writing Tips

Lesley Sanderson was a student on our 6-month novel-writing course in London back in 2015, her debut psychological thriller The Orchid Girls is out now. Lesley worked on this novel during her time with us and since taking the course and honing her craft she has learnt how much of a difference plotting your novel can […]

06 December 2018

Children’s books and business – what you need to know

by Ren Renwick Guest Blog, Writing Tips

Ren Renwick, CEO of the Association of Illustrators, gives her top tips on becoming a professional children’s picture book illustrator.

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