Character Development Mini-Course

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This summer, add to your writer’s toolbox with this new FREE mini-course from popular CBC tutor and acclaimed author Simon Ings.

Across three weeks Simon will give you his personal take on how to develop great characters who will live on in the imagination of your readers. His first lesson will focus on how to create larger-than-life characters, his second on how to set characters in motion, and his third on creating conflict between protagonists and antagonists. As well as providing you with the tools to create vivid, compelling characters, Simon will also set an exclusive writing exercise each week to help you put his teachings into practice.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh perspective on your protagonist and/or supporting cast in a current work-in-progress or you’re hoping to work on some sketches for a new project, this mini-course will provide inspiration alongside hints and tips that will help you to hone your technique.

Simon Ings is an author, editor and regular tutor of our online courses. He has written eight acclaimed books including The Weight of Numbers and Dead Water as well as the science fiction novels Hot Head and The Smoke

Optional Feedback

There will be an option to pay for feedback on your tasks. For £35 per task, you can get a short piece of personal written feedback (around 100–200 words) from a member of our experienced CBC editorial team.

There’s no obligation to pay for this optional feedback and you don’t need to decide whether you want to opt-in for the feedback straight away; you can have a go at the task and choose to pay and upgrade at any time if you’d like to receive editorial comments on your work.

Start at any time

You can sign up and start this mini-course whenever you like – and from that point on you’ll receive a weekly email direct to your inbox for three weeks! Each lesson will have a password and link to access the teaching materials and task. Though we recommend you make time to access and complete the tasks when you get your weekly email prompt, you can of course take your time with each one and work through the programme at your own pace. Just sign up below!

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