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22 July 2015


by Richard Pike and Rebecca Ritchie Events, From the Agents

#PitchCB is Curtis Brown’s very own Twitter pitch party, being held on the fourth Friday of every month.  Ahead of the launch of #PitchCB, the Curtis Brown and Conville & Walsh agents have had a go at a pitching a favourite book from their lists using 140 characters or less. See if you can guess which book each agent is pitching (answers at the bottom of the page!) and please join us for the first #PitchCB on Friday 24th July for your opportunity to pitch your own book to the Curtis Brown and Conville and Walsh agents.

1. Jonathan Lloyd

Jonathan Lloyd

“3 yr old Dillon disappears in a Tangiers earthquake. 5 years on in a Dublin crowd, his father sees him again – or does he? #PitchCB

2. Sheila Crowley (@SheilaCrowley)

 Sheila Crowley

“Rabbit Hayes loves her life, but is about to die.  Her story will make you laugh and cry; & feel good about life itself. #PitchCB

3. Gordon Wise (@gordonwise)

 Gordon Wise

“England, 1350. The Black Death’s over; when girls start being murdered in a village, is it the work of the Devil, or someone else? #PitchCB

4. Alice Lutyens (@DeafAudioAgent)

Alice Lutyens

“Carmel is the missing girl who doesn’t know she is lost. Who, what and where is she? #PitchCB

5. Rebecca Ritchie (@Becky_Ritchie1)

Rebecca Ritchie

“College, drugs, sex, love, not love, 6 months, 3 dead: only one girl holds the key. But will she reveal it? #PitchCB

6. Carrie Plitt (@PlittyC)


“Helen becomes infatuated with the Dovers when they move in next door. But one day they disappear. Is Helen somehow responsible? #PitchCB

7. Carrie Kania (@MissCarrieK_)

“A look at the art & science of daily intimacy, and what it means to connect in today’s world #PitchCB

 8. Felicity Blunt (@felicityblunt)

“What if you realized the book you were reading was all about you? #PitchCB



1. The Boy that Never Was by Karen Perry (@KarenPerryBooks)

2. The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes by Anna McPartlin (@annamcpartlin)

3. Plague Land by S. D. Sykes (@SD_Sykes)

4. The Girl in the Red Coat by Kate Hamer (@kate_hamer)

5. All these Perfect Strangers by Aoife Clifford

6. The Summer of Secrets by Sarah Jasmon (@sarahontheboat)

7. Closer by Giovanni Frazetto

8. Disclaimer by Renée Knight

For more details on #PitchCB, including how to pitch your book to the agents at Curtis Brown and Conville & Walsh, visit the Curtis Brown website here.

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