25 April 2016

Curtis Brown Creative launches new course for all-comers

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by Eli Keren Our Courses

We at Curtis Brown Creative are thrilled to launch our newest venture: Starting to Write Your Novel. This newest of our online writing courses is open to all and has been tailored specifically for writers who have a fledgling novel that’s been knocking around in their heads, but have been struggling to commit it to paper. All you need to qualify for this course is an idea and the passion to turn it into something great.

The Starting to Write Your Novel course is six weeks long and costs just £200. Each week will consist of homework tasks and teaching videos from Curtis Brown Creative’s Director and founder Anna Davis, which are designed to funnel a concept into an opening chapter and to build an idea into a plot. During the course, one outstanding student per week will be sent a gift of a book by the Curtis Brown Creative team, and some students will have the opportunity to have their work featured on our blog. By the end of the six weeks, students will have completed, edited and polished a 3,000-word opening, as well as having learned all the tools they need to keep writing and produce a full manuscript. In addition to this, one student at the end of the course will win a free one-to-one tutorial with a member of the Curtis Brown literary-agent team.

As well as being a great introduction to novel-writing, the Starting to Write Your Novel course is the perfect stepping stone onto CBC’s three- and six-month courses. On the Starting to Write Your Novel course, you can channel your creativity into an outstanding opening and a strong synopsis. On our longer courses, based both in London and online, you will receive personal feedback from your tutor, workshops from your coursemates and expert advice on writing the perfect pitch.

Curtis Brown Creative has been running courses since 2011. In five years, we’ve seen a whopping 20 of our students achieve publishing deals, with many going on to win  awards and top bestseller lists at home and abroad. Now, we’re channelling our industry-leading expertise into giving authors who are new to the craft the jumpstart they need.

Curtis Brown Creative Managing Director Anna Davis says: ‘We get contacted all the time by people who want to try writing a novel and are keen to get some teaching from us, but don’t have the confidence, the time, the financial means or perhaps the requisite material from a novel-in-progress that’s needed to apply for one of our existing courses. We wanted this new course to be useful and satisfying for anyone starting to write a novel and have worked hard to make it really great. We expect that many participants will be writing for fun – but we also hope that some will come up with great ideas and opening material and will decide to use that material to apply for the longer, selective courses which remain at the heart of what we do at Curtis Brown Creative.’

Curtis Brown Joint-CEO Jonny Geller says: ‘I am delighted CBC will be opening up some of its secrets to a wider range of writers. We were very conscious that one of the major attractions of this course to serious writers – learning in our agency and having access to our agents, publishing colleagues and authors – was also a challenge for those who lived outside London or those unable to make the financial commitment. I hope this affordable course will allow anyone to benefit. It is also a wonderful way to learn one of the hardest aspects of writing – starting your novel.’

As well as expert teaching from published authors, all our three- and six-month novel-writing courses offer dedicated modules on submitting your novel to literary agents – and include sessions on writing a synopsis and preparing a covering letter. Click for more information or to apply for our creative writing courses.

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