24 June 2019

Greg Chivers

by Katie Smart

‘Curtis Brown Creative do a great job of taking the fear out of writing and submitting a novel. It never completely goes away, but by the end of a course, your manuscript will be stronger, and you’ll get good support to get it into the right hands. More than anything, the course is FUN, and that’s the best possible reason to do it.’ Debut novel, The Crying Machine, was published by HarperVoyager in April 2019.

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Jake Arnott, Author

Six-Month Novel-Writing Course with Jake Arnott

17 Feb – 09 Jul

Six-Month Novel-Writing Course with Lisa O’Donnell & Andrew Michael Hurley

17 Feb – 27 Jul
Catherine Johnson

Writing YA & Children’s Fiction with Catherine Johnson

20 Apr – 03 Aug

Starting to Write Your Novel

15 Jan – 26 Feb