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The Weekly Writing Workout

Are you looking for a way to stay creative at home? Do you want to brush up your writing skills and expand your writing toolbox? Sign up to our FREE Weekly Writing Workout.
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What will you get?

This programme of weekly workouts will provide you with different takes and ideas on aspects of writing. Each workout will be suitable for everyone, whether you’re new to writing creatively or already have several novels under your belt.

Our aim is to give you a fresh burst of writing energy each week, and we hope that novelists, memoirists and short story writers will all find the lessons interesting and valuable.

Weekly writing lessons from the CBC team: Every week you’ll get access to a specially created lesson from a member of our team with teaching notes, tips and pointers on topics that we think are useful to writers right now.

The first few weeks of lessons will come from our MD (and creator of our popular Starting to Write Your Novel, Write to the End of Your Novel and Edit & Pitch Your Novel courses) Anna Davis, and our Senior Courses Manager (and experienced editor) Jennifer Kerslake. Our future lessons will also be written by one of our team of author–tutors including, Vanessa Gebbie, Deborah Moggach, and many more special guests.

Topics for the workouts have so far included:-

  • Getting started and putting pen to paper
  • What do stories do for us as writers and readers, and how do you go about creating them?
  • Establishing a sense of setting, place and atmosphere in our writing
  • The role of dialogue in writing and how it can do the heavy lifting for you

Our aim is to get you creatively fired up, and also to empower you by making our advice very practical and actionable. We’ll seek to arm you with writing tools that you’ll find useful when tackling your own projects, but most of all we just want to help you get those words down on the page – because fundamentally, that’s all there is to this writing game – words going down on the page, one by one.

Weekly writing tasks to flex your creative muscles: In addition to the lesson, there will be a related writing exercise for you to have a go at. We’ve designed these tasks – which will include exclusive writing prompts and creative exercises – to inspire you to put pen to paper and try out the different ideas and techniques covered in the weekly lessons.

A flexible programme just for you: You can sign up and start the Weekly Writing Workout whenever you like – and from that point on you’ll receive a weekly email direct to your inbox! Each lesson will have a password and link to access the teaching materials and task. Though we recommend you make time to access and complete the tasks when you get your weekly email prompt, you can of course take your time with each one and work through the programme at your own pace.

Additional task feedback: For £35 per task, you can get a short piece of personal written feedback (around 100–200 words) from a member of our experienced CBC reader/editor team on your response to the workout task(s) of your choice.

There’s no obligation to pay for this optional feedback and you don’t need to decide whether you want to opt-in for the feedback straight away; you can have a go at the task and choose to pay for feedback at any time if you’d like to receive editorial comments on your work.

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