We offer a range of reports designed to give you detailed written feedback on your final draft or submission package.

Types of reports


One of our team of expert editors – including experienced authors and publishing professionals – will read your manuscript in full and give you detailed feedback on your work, including in-depth advice on how to address any problem areas.

Your report will comprise at least 1,000 words and cover structural issues, such as plotting, characterisation, narrative perspective, writing style, voice and pace. Drawing on their experience writing and/or editing novels, your reader will explain what’s working well in your manuscript and what could be improved to take your novel up to the next level.

To request your full read, email and tell us a little more about your novel and let us know if you have any particular concerns you’d like your editor to address. Do say if you have a preferred choice of editor and we will try to accommodate this or consult with you on possible alternatives. It’s absolutely fine if you’re not sure – we’re happy to advise on who might be available and a good fit.

Once an editor has been agreed, we’ll ask you to send in your manuscript and a short blurb to give your editor a steer on the genre of the novel and your intentions. We’ll also ask for a brief note on specific concerns or questions you would like to pose your editor and any useful context. You have the option of including a one-page synopsis and short biographical paragraph if you wish, although your editor won’t comment on these.


We offer the option of adding a 45-minute consultation with your editor to your final manuscript report.

Once you’ve received your report, you’ll be able to read and absorb the feedback before discussing it further with your editor. Usually consultations take place over Zoom, but may take place in person where possible (subject to editor's preference and availability).

Bespoke submission list service: If you purchase a report, a member of our team with significant industry experience will take a look at your synopsis, pitch letter and opening and produce a personalised submissions list for your particular novel, with details of at least ten agents.


Make sure your pitch package is in the best possible shape before you send it out to agents by signing up for a 1,000-word written report from a member of our editorial team, including agents and publishing professionals.

The report will provide detailed feedback on your pitch letter, one-page synopsis and 3,000-word opening (approximately 500 words on the letter and synopsis and 500 words on the opening). With practical tips and industry insights, this report will help you to tighten your submission package, bringing you one step closer to gaining representation.

When you’re ready, please email, telling us a little more about your novel. We’ll match you up with an editor from our team and check you’re happy before providing more information on how to submit your materials.

If you’re looking for tips and advice on writing the perfect pitch letter and synopsis, check out Anna’s posts on the CBC blog. You might also like to consider our six-week online Edit & Pitch Your Novel course, which is designed to help you edit and polish your novel and prepare your pitch package for agents. See our Alumni Discounts for info on how to get £50 off the price of this course.


  • Full report: £750 for a manuscript of up to 95,000 words. (For longer manuscripts, an extra charge of £35 is payable per 5,000 words.)
  • Full report + consultation: £1050 for a manuscript of up to 95,000 words. (For longer manuscripts, an extra charge of £35 is payable per 5,000 words.)
  • Submission report: £300

All prices are inclusive of VAT.


Alumni Services - Full Manuscript Report

Full report: £750 for a manuscript of up to 95,000 words



Alumni Services - Full Manuscript Report + Consultation

Full report and consultation for a manuscript of up to 95,000 words.



Alumni Services - Submission Report

A report on your submission pitch package